Adopt a human-centered security approach

Only amateurs attack machines. Professionals target people. Bruce Schneier

Our program is built to help organizations improve their security level through skills development and active participation of each and everyone.

  • A complete catalogue of courses, from discovering the CISO profession to learning secure development techniques
  • A unique expertise in raising awareness, to develop your communication plan and execute it at your side
  • A know-how to design and deploy a tailored communication, training and awareness plan

Example of awareness raising tools




Why Advens?

Flexibility and listening: a program adapted to your maturity and your corporate culture
A network of partners to offer all types of media and define the visual identity of your choice: e-learning, serious games, posters, comic strips...
Pedagogy and professionalism: training center (# 31590534259)

A few references

Plastic Omnium
Groupe Société Générale
CHRU Lille
Département du Nord
Région Aquitaine

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