Joining Advens means embarking on a journey where everyone can develop their skills and responsibilities according to their personal aspirations.
The areas of responsibility are extensive: development of offers, pre-sales, management of contracts and/or teams. An annual share scheme follows the skills development of each associate.
Advens is a real entrepreneurial project. Employees are allocated time to participate in the development of the company project.
Delivery Manager

I’ve been recruited by Advens after my internship, and I quickly developed cross-functional expertise on security issues, before taking on increasingly complex project management and supervisory responsibilities.


The evolution of your package depends on your involvement in the company and your contribution to the project value

Fixed and variable salary
Fixed and variable
Compulsory and optional profit-sharing scheme
Compulsory and optional
profit-sharing scheme
Company savings scheme
Company savings
Advens is your Company share ownership program
“Advens is your Company”
Health insurance 100% paid by the company
100% health and life insurance cover
BYOD (Bring Your Own Mobile) Plan
(Bring Your Own
Mobile) Plan

Joining Advens means participating in a human and collective adventure, where everyone contributes to the strength and success of the project.

Well-being at work

Our performances rely on people and their fulfillment. This concretely translates into...

  • Encouraging initiative
  • Empowerment
  • Respecting the balance between professional and personal life
  • Ensuring the well-being at work of each of our employees and their personal development

Personal development: training courses, interpersonal communication, yoga classes...

Organization of offices to promote a friendly and studious atmosphere: co-working areas, lounges, coffee and fruit

Flexibility in the organization of working time and
facilitation of remote work

Responsable RH

The yoga classes at work taught me how to channel my energy to better manage my daily life, and be more focused and efficient at work.

Sales Manager

Organizing my working time with 3 young children, work and quite a few trips around France, didn’t pose any issues. I can even regularly accompany or pick up my daughters from school :)